Oral samples can be collected anywhere, anytime. This can take place in any designated area, rather than in a restroom. No special facilities are needed. With this system you have the option of collecting samples in your facility, thus eliminating the need to schedule an outside agency and collection fees. We furnish a training program for all staff involved in the collection (observation) process.

Utilizing the collection pad, the donor can easily provide a sample and
seal it into our special shipping vial in about 2 minutes. The specimen
vial along with the chain of custody form is then placed in a
convenient shipper for overnight delivery to our laboratory. Our laboratory
uses proven immunoassay processes and reports negative results
within 24 hours of receipt. Positive results are confirmed using
GC/MS and are reported within 48 hours.


Urinating in a cup is demeaning and awkward for both the donor
and the observer.  Oral fluid provides a safer, more dignified and observable
collection method.  The dignity of the collection method is a real benefit.

Drug users have many options available to foil a urine test. Oral
drug testing virtually eliminates this risk of adulteration. It is virtually
impossible to alter or mask any drugs utilizing oral testing.
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