Analyze your organization as it currently stands today.  Check your company
records to look at the incidence and prevalence of some of the following factors,
which can be indicators of problems of alcoholism or abuse of drugs.

1.  Absenteeism
2.  Tardiness
3.  Turnover
4.  On the Job Accidents
5.  Health Care Benefit Utilization
6.  Workers' Compensation Claims
7.  Theft

Estimate the costs these factors have on the profitability of your company.  If
records are not available for years past, start tracking these potential problems
now.  Also, talk to employees at all levels, to determine the current overall
morale within the company.

Start your drug-free workplace program.  Use this information in this website, as
well as other available resources to help you plan and implement your program.

Review the records at the end of the first year (and subsequent years) for the
factors listed above.  Also reassess employee morale.  Compare the results to
your baseline data.  Have there been any changes?

Determining the success of your program will depend on your original goals.  
Review your original goals. Ask employees and supervisors about their perceptions of the impact of the policy and or program. Cost savings may take some time to accumulate, but improved employee morale will be evident right away. STEP FOUR: Use the results to modify your program. Establish a regular review period and use that time to assess the progress of the program. Consider developing a committee of employees to assist in both the ongoing evaluation and the implementation of program changes.
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