~ Oratect Instant 6 Panel Drug Test~

The Oratect Oral Fluids Drug Test is a one-step chromatographic
immunoassay device for the qualitative detection of amphetamine,
THC, cocaine, opiates, benzodiazepines and their metabolites in saliva.

Oratect Instant 6 Panel Drug Test will provide results in ten to fifteen
minutes that are 99% accurate.

1.  When removing the blue cap, carefully pull from
     the sides of the device.  Do not pull directly from the top.

2.  Tell the client that they may sense a sour taste when the
     device is first put into the mouth.  It is an additive to start
     the saliva flowing.  

3.  When placing the device into the mouth, keep head level.
A.  Place the device, test windows facing down, on the
     right top side of the tongue for 5 seconds.
B.  Move the device to the left top side of the tongue,
     test window still facing down.
C.  Turn the device upright and place under the tongue
     pressing lightly on the bottom of the mouth.  The action
     should be similar to taking a temperature on the 
     thermometer.  The patient should not chew or move the
     pad upwards in the mouth.  Since the test is a lateral
     flow test, moving the pad up or down can inhibit the
     test result.
D.  The patient should hold the device with their hand not
     just with the mouth.
E.  When the pink color starts flowing from each of the 
     windows,  remove the device from the mouth and recap.
     Saliva flow should be observed within 5 minutes.
F.  Important: Do not allow the test window to 
     become wet.  Make sure the individual being
     tested places the device in the mouth only as far as
     the delineation of the capped area.  
4. Once the test is removed and recapped, the results will be
    completed in 8-10 minutes.

Important Note:  Any band that can be seen visually, no matter how
                          faint, is a negative result.  Please check results under
                          sufficient lighting as shadows can mask correct outcome.

5.  Control lines must be present or the test is invalid. 

*For forensic use only and not for diagnostic purposes.

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